1)Color mark sensor
2)Design program:1,2……
3)Class to light path: 1. coaxial, 2. non coaxial
4)Class to light source: 1.single light source, 2. double light source
5)Color of light source: R: white, G: green
6)Class to logic: N-NPN,


型号Model BZJ-211
外形尺寸Size(mm) 85*57*28
工作电压Supply voltage 10-30DC
使用环境温度Ambient temperature 0℃~65℃
检测方式Detecting method 同轴反射式Coaxial reflection
设定距离Setting distance 10mm±2mm
光源色谱chromatogram of light 红red、绿green、兰blue、白white
光点Facula 圆点Circular
响应时间Response time 50uS
带载电流Current consumption <200mA
输出方式Output type NPN
外壳材料Material 金属Metal
Weight 450g
引出线Cable 2m



BN : BROWN  :  +10-30VDC


BK: BLACK : switch signal output (NPN)

WH: WHITE: analog signal output

Notice: 1: Be sure to check the power supply is in line with the DC12 prior to power – 24 v + / – 10%, the highest do not exceed 40 v, otherwise may damage the color mark sensor.

2: To ensure high stability test, to ensure that be two things: one is the detection distance of rated offset, such as offset of 12 + 2 mm, when installation, must be that the offset is 12 mm, so that we can make the switch to have  4 mm up and down vibration stability region, and in the offset to 10 mm, the upper and lower vibration area is significantly reduced.;2 it is strictly according to the steps to adjust sensitivity.

3: When installation should prevent direct light into the optical lens or shading to take appropriate measures.

4: Working environment temperature, humidity, vibration, shock and other corrosive gases, are likely to affect the work of photoelectric switch, please pay attention to try to eliminate these effects.

5 : Pay attention to protect optical lens clean at ordinary times, avoid lens stand up when installation, to minimize dust.


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